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SM1250 49" Ride-on Industrial Floor Sweeper, 26 Gal Dustbin, 69000 Sqft/h Efficiency

SM1250 49" Ride-on Industrial Floor Sweeper, 26 Gal Dustbin, 69000 Sqft/h Efficiency

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  • 4-year warranty for the Brushes!
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Introducing our top-of-the-line, higher-than-the-industry-standard SM1250 Ride-on Industrial Floor Sweeper. Whether you're looking to improve the cleanliness of your warehouse, distribution center, or manufacturing facility, this machine is the ultimate solution to enhance your cleaning processes and save time and money in the long run. 

SM1250 ride-on industrial floor sweeper adopts electric operation and powerful motors, combining sweeping and vacuuming in one, professionally designed and built to last to withstand the toughest conditions and constant use, with no secondary dust, exhaust emission, low noise, and environmental protection. 

The SM1250 ride-on sweeper also works perfectly for sweeping parks, streets, stations, docks, municipal roads, property communities, warehouses, factory workshops, schools, stadiums, large venues, airports, and other areas.


  • 3 large solid tires, nicely weighted steering, improved passability, rear hub brake, plus integrated mechanical handbrake to ensure driving safety.
  • Smart main brush, which can be automatically adjusted according to the amount of wear and tear when sweeping; the front guard flap of the main brush can be lifted vertically to a height of up to 3.15 inches, which can effectively sweep larger leaves and stones;
  • 26-gallon garbage container, which is easy to empty by hand.
  • 12.68-gallon water tank, high-pressure water pump, and stainless steel fan nozzles play an influential role in dust control.
  • 48V maintenance-free large-capacity battery pack (Chaowei 52AH) and intelligent charger ensure the stability and reliability of the operation.
  • Electric dust removal, large area barrel filter, effective dust filtering during the main brush cleaning;
  • Easy replacement of side brushes; quickly replace in minutes.
  • Equipped with front lighting headlights, suitable for operation when the light is insufficient.

Best for cleaning Vinyl, Wood, Concrete, Tile, Stone, Ceramic, Rubber, Asphalt, Pavers, Bricks, Permeable pavement, Gravel Paths, and other Hard-surface floors of indoor and outdoor areas.

High Efficiency, Spotless Cleaning Results

  • 49-inch wide cleaning path
  • Easy empty large 26-gallon dustbin
  • 2.5 hours of continuous runtime
  • Up to 3.1 mph cleaning speed
  • Up to 6.2 mph driving speed
  • Up to 69000 sqft/h working efficiency
  • Main brush length: 21.6 inches
  • Side brush length: 19.6 inches*2
  • Turning radius: 47 inches 

    Environmental and Operator-Friendly Dust Control System

    • 12.68-gallon water tank
    • 2 fan water nozzles for side brush dust suppression
    • 21.5 sqft Large-area barrel filter effectively captures dust around the main brush.

    Powerful, Reliable, and Rechargeable Electric Power

    • Maintenance-free 48V, 52AH large-capacity battery pack designed for less energy consumption and to ensure the operation's stability.
    • 48V / 7a intelligent charger, fully charged for 8 hours. 

      Ergonomic and Durable Design at an Affordable Price

      • The comfortable operator-forward seat has up to 264lb load capacity.
      • Designed to reduce fatigue and extend safety and visibility 
      • Clean anytime with reduced noise levels and headlight.
      • Affordable prices, high quality, and durable materials lower your maintenance cost.

        Weight: 730 lbs (850 lbs with the package)

        Dimensions: 57*40*51.5 inches ( 60*39*51 inches after package)

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        • Cleaning Width: 49 Inches
          Coverage/Productivity: Up to 69000 sqft/h
          Estimated Run Time: 2.5 Hours

          Battery Charge Time: 6 Hours
          Dustbin Capacity: 26 Gallons

          Cleaning Power:

          • Main Roller Brush Motor: 0.8 KW
          • Vacuum Motor: 0.3 KW
          • Side Brushes Motors: 0.1 KW *2
          • Vibration Dust Motor: 0.1 KW

        • Main/Side Brush Length: 21.6/19.6 inches*2

          Filter Area: 43 square feet

          Cleaning Speed: Up to 3.1 mph

          Traveling Speed: Up to 6.2 mph

          Load Capacity: Up to 264 lbs

          Climbing Ability: Up to 28%

          Water Tank Capacity: 12.68 gallons

          Turning Radius: 47 inches

          Weight: 730 lbs (850 lbs with package)

          Dimension(L x W x H): 57*40*51.5 inches

        Customer Reviews

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        Matthew Taylor
        it works amazing

        I use it in our warehouse and it works amazing. I would say the bigger garage you have, the better it would work because you don’t have to turn a lot. I’ve used it on rough concrete and it still works great.

        Quick, environmentally responsible, and technologically advanced solution to the most difficult cleaning challenges.

        High Efficiency Cleaning Equipment

        Clean thoroughly from general to most difficult challenges. High cleaning capability for various surfaces and debris. Reduce work fatigue and increase productivity.

        Extended Warranty Coverage

        2-year Warranty for the cleaning machines, 4-year Warranty for the brushes of sweepers. Free ship the non-wearable parts to you in warranty time. A complete set of parts in stock to help solve the product issues in a timly manner.

        Reliable After-Sale Support

        Complete tech support services ensure you and your cleaning machines work efficiently and securely. Just call or email us to get problems solved in 24 hours.

        Free Shipping and 2 Year Warranty

        Free shipping!

        2-year Manufacturer Warranty!


        Sanitmax Electric Sweeper

        Multiple Industries

        Whether you operate a business in retail, fitness, hospitality, or industrial facilities, such as factories and manufacturing facilities, self-storage buildings, warehouses, and power plants, you need to make sure your space and machines are clean and fresh, all the time. 

        Sanitmax Electric Sweeper

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        Sanitmax Electric Sweeper

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