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RT120 34" Self-Propelled Floor Scrubber Machine, 33-gal Tank, 75,000 sqft/h | SUNMAX

RT120 34" Self-Propelled Floor Scrubber Machine, 33-gal Tank, 75,000 sqft/h | SUNMAX

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SUNMAX RT120 34" Self-propelled Floor Scrubber Machine features wide 34" brush cleaning path, large 33-gal recovery water tank and 31.7 gal water solution tank, dual brushes, working efficiency up to 75,000 sqft/hour. It allows you to clean large areas quickly while save time and labor for water change.

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1. 34" Dual disk brushes cover a wide area while delivering a pressure of 110 Lbs for deep cleaning;

2. With a 31.7 gal solution tank and a 33 gal sewage tank, RT120 Scrubber enables extended cleaning sessions without frequent refills or waste disposal.

3. Powerful brush tray motor and a rotation speed of 170 RPM effectively remove dirt and grime from various hard floor surfaces;

4. Wide suction scraper measuring 38.8 inches, ensures quick and thorough cleaning results;

5. Cleans up to 75,000 sqft/hour. The maximum self-propelled forward speed of 3.4 MPH allows for swift and efficient cleaning operations;

6. Powered by reliable 2*120Ah batteries, continuously working for 4 hours after fully charged;

7. Self-Propelled feature designed for efficiently cleaning large floor areas, allows the machine to move forward and backward without the need for manual pushing or pulling, making it easier for operators to navigate and control the machine while focusing on the cleaning process.

Invest in the RT120 34" Self-propelled Floor Scrubber and experience superior floor cleaning results. With its advanced features and exceptional performance, this machine is an asset to any cleaning professional seeking efficiency and effectiveness. Order now and revolutionize your cleaning routine!

⚠️ Attention: Add cleaning chemicals without oxidizing agents, chlorine or bromine, formaldehyde, or mineral fluxes, such as acid or alkaline cleaners.

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  • Brush Cleaning Width: 34 Inches

    Suction Working Width: 38.8 inches
    Coverage/Productivity: Up to 75000 sqft/h

    Maximum Forward Speed: 3.4 MPH
    Estimated Run Time: 4 Hours

    Battery Charge Time: 8 Hours
    Solution Tank: 31.7 gal

    Sewage Tank: 33 gal

    Rotation Speed of Brush: 170 RPM

    Main Down Pressure: 110 Lbs

    Noise Level: 69 dBA

  • Power Source: 2*120AH Rechargeable Batteries
    Brush Motors: 0.67 * 2 peak HP

    Suction Motor: 1.34 HP

    Maximum Inclination at Full Load: 10%

    Net Battery Weight: 176 lbs

    Net Machine Weight (Excluding Batteries): 379 lbs
    Net Machine Weight (Machine and Batteries): 555 lbs
    Total weight with Package: 666 lbs
    Dimensions of the Machine (L*W*H): 59.1x38.8x44.5 inches
    Dimensions with Package (L*W*H): 61.8x36.0x50.6 inches

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