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SUNMAX 22" Ride-On Floor Scrubber, Lithium Battery, 18.5 Gal Tanks, 41000 Sqft/H

SUNMAX 22" Ride-On Floor Scrubber, Lithium Battery, 18.5 Gal Tanks, 41000 Sqft/H

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The SUNMAX Ride-on Floor Scrubber efficiently and comfortably cleans large areas, reducing operator fatigue and ensuring consistent results across various floor types. It provides cost-effective, high-quality cleaning solutions with eco-friendly features, reduced water usage, and easy maintenance.

Covers large areas quickly and efficiently:

  • Cleaning Width: 22"
  • Suction Cleaning Width: 31"
  • Squeegee Working Width: 31"
  • Max Coverage: 41,000 ft²/h, 20,500 ft²/tank.
  • Clean Water Tank: 18.5 gal (70 L)
  • Dirty Water Tank: 18.5 gal (70 L)
  • Brush Rotation Speed: 170 RPM
  • Brush Pressure: 51 Lbs
  • Continuous Working Time: 5 Hours
  • Charging Time: 8 hours (SM70) / 3.5 hours (RT70)


  1. Operator Comfort: the comfortable seat reduces operator strain, and ergonomic steering enhances control and stability.
  2. Increased Productivity: Powerful motors and large tanks provide effective dirt removal, completing cleaning tasks in one pass.
  3. Consistent Cleaning: Automated systems ensure uniform cleaning with consistent brush pressure, water distribution, and suction.
  4. Versatility: Suitable for various hard floor surfaces, including marble, tile, epoxy, and more.
  5. Durability: Corrosion-resistant and impact-resistant design ensures longevity.
  6. Enhanced Maintenance: User-friendly controls and diagnostics simplify upkeep.
  7. Cost-Effective: Increased productivity and efficient cleaning lead to long-term savings.

Included Parts:

  • Rechargeable Lead-acid Batteries*1 (SM70) / Lithium Batteries*1 (RT70)
  • Charger*1
  • Adjustments Assembly Squeegee*1
  • Adjustments Assembly Squeegee Rubber*1
  • Heavy-Duty Brush*1
  • Burnishing Pad and Pad Holder Set *1

⚠️ Note: Use cleaning chemicals without oxidizing agents, chlorine or bromine, formaldehyde, or mineral fluxes, such as acid or alkaline cleaners.

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  • Application: Hard floor surfaces

    Brush/Pad Cleaning Path: 22 inches

    Estimated Run Time: Up to 5 hours

    Charge Time:

    • 3.5 Hours (Lithium Battery)
    • 8 Hours (Lead-acid Battery)

    Machine Type: Ride-On

    Pad RPMs: 170 rpm

    Recovery Tank Capacity: 18.5 gal

    Solution Tank Capacity: 18.5 gal

  • Estimated Coverage/Productivity:

    • 41000 sqft/hour
    • 20500 sqft/tank

    Head Type: Disk

    Main Down Pressure: 51 lbs

    Power Source:

    • Lithium Battery - RT70
    • Lead-acid Battery- SM70

    Weight: 400 lbs (RT70) /495 lbs(SM70)

    Dimension: 52*25*48 inches

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