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SM350 Walk-behind Commercial Carpet Extractor, 13.8" Cleaning Width, 120V, 10.5 gal Solution Tank Capacity

SM350 Walk-behind Commercial Carpet Extractor, 13.8" Cleaning Width, 120V, 10.5 gal Solution Tank Capacity

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SANITMAX SM350 Commercial Walk-behind Carpet Extractor is a powerful carpet cleaning equipment that efficiently removes dirt, stains, and debris from carpet fibers.

It is an excellent way to deep clean and refresh carpets and can help prolong the carpet's life. It is also standard equipment for professional cleaning services. 

  • Cleaning Path: 13.8 inches
  • Power Source: 120V
  • Solution Tank Capacity: 10.5 Gallon
  • Recovery Tank Capacity: 8 Gallon
  • Pump Pressure: 160 PSI
  • Vacuum Motor: 2 Stage, 1.5 HP

The machine consists of a cleaning solution tank, a recovery tank, and a powerful suction motor. It jets a mixture of water and cleaning solution into the carpet and then uses the strong suction motor to extract the dirty liquid back into the recovery tank.

This SM350 Walk-behind Carpet Extractor is perfect for cleaning large carpet areas, such as hotels, offices, airports, and other commercial and industrial settings, and public spaces where large amounts of foot traffic can result in heavy soiling and stains on carpets.

Easy to use, excellent quality, and very competitive price!


  • With a 160 PSI high-pressure water pump, detergent can be ejected to the bottom of the carpet to dissolve the stubborn stain effectively.

  • The 900 RPM high-speed brush can thoroughly clean dirt, mud, detergent residuals in the carpet, and loose carpet fibers to recover the elasticity and aesthetic characteristics of the carpet even in severe decay.

  • The powerful built-in 2 Stage, 1.5 HP wet vacuum with 21KPA powerful suction vacuuming motor can suction a large amount of dirty water into the recovery tank for quick drying.

  • The extensive dual water tank system consists of a 10.5-gallon solution tank and an 8-gallon recovery tank;

  • A visible cover and transparent recovery hose make the refill much easier;

  • 49 Ft power cord extends the cleaning area.

  • Unique air intake design keeps the motor cool to prevent overheating;

  • Ergonomic Waist-high controls eliminate bending down and add safety.

When the carpet needs a deep cleaning, you can choose the extraction cleaning function of the machine:

  1. Vacuum the carpet before the extraction cleaning process.

  2. Select high-quality extraction carpet detergent ( low-foam )and dilute.

  3. detergent with clear water at 1: 20-40, depending on how dirty the carpet is. Then, put diluted carpet detergent into the solution tank.

  4. Add the proper amount of defoamer into the recovery tank.

  5. Connect the power supply, push the machine to the dirty area, and push the vacuum, brush, and spraying motor buttons individually.

  6. After the diluted carpet detergent is sprayed onto the carpet, pull the machine backward, and the dirty water will be recycled into the machine. Repeat the above process by selecting whether or not to spray the cleaning solution if necessary.

  7. When the recovery tank is full, switch off the power supply button and drain the recovery water tank.

Getting profound cleaning results thoroughly and efficiently boosts sanitary conditions. 

Please note:

  • To ensure the machine is used correctly, we recommend carefully reading this manual or contacting your local distributor for further assistance.

  • Check the power supply voltage to see whether it complies with the cleaning machine.

  • Add the correct amount of defoamer into the recovery tank, and put a proper amount of extraction carpet detergent into the solution tank.

  • You can refer to the defoamer and extraction detergent manufacturer manual for optimum dosing.

  • When the waste water tank is full, turn off the machine and discharge the waste water completely.

  • Clean up the waste water tank after each use.

  • Store the machine in a dry indoor place.

  • During storage, empty the water tank or add some antifreeze to the water during the cold weather, or the water might freeze and break the pipe or block the waterway.


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  • Process in 1-2 business days.
  • Arrives in 1-2 weeks.


  • 2-year manufacturer warranty



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    • Model: SM350
    • Application: Carpet Area
    • Cleaning Width: 13.8 Inch
    • Productivity: 2150 Sqft /h
    • Vacuum motor: 2 Stage, 1.5 HP
    • Voltage: 120V 60HZ
    • Solution tank capacity: 10.5 Gallon
    • Recovery tank capacity: 8 Gallon
    • Pressure: 160 PSI
    • Vacuum motor suction: 21 KPA
    • Power cord length: 49 Feet
    • Brush motor: 150W
    • Spray pump: 110W
    • Vacuum width: 18.5 Inch
    • Brush speed: 900RPM
    • Dimension(L x W x H): 45.3x18.5x36.2 Inch
    • Weight: 87 LBS
    • Safe grade: Il