How do floor sweepers work?

How do electric floor sweepers work?

In today’s environment, your business partners want to see clean: clean floors, clean products, and a clean presentation. However, they do not want to see a dirty mop and bucket in a corner somewhere. 

sweeper or mop

How do floor sweepers work?

Floor sweepers are important for keeping any retails, restaurant, café, warehouse, or factory clean from everyday dust, dirt, and debris, keep your commercial and industrial workspace in order, not only do you need to sweep indoors, but you also need to sweep your outdoor patio, driveways, and sidewalk. 

keep warehouse floor clean


The push power or battery power causes the brushes to rotate quickly and attract dust and debris.

sweeper brushes


The air flowing in the receptacle is filtered and reused to loosen debris on the ground, while water is sprayed to prevent allergens and bacteria from blowing back out into the air.

 floor sweeper airflows

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