Are floor sweepers worth it?

Are electric floor sweepers worth it?

Electric floor sweepers can save your time and labor cost. Here are three things to consider when buying an industrial or commercial floor sweeper:

The total cost of the workspace cleaning work

Floor sweepers are expensive when compared to traditional brooms , but they could actually save you money in the long run. For example, if you pay $100 per week in labor costs for a cleaning crew, a sweeper that costs $2,000 can pay for itself within several months.

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Coverage area rating of the floor sweeper

A sweeper's coverage area rating refers to the number of square feet it can clean per hour. Be sure to find the right power sweeper that best suit your indoor and outdoor space.

Other Practical features of the floor sweeper

While the power of an industrial floor sweeper is important, other factors—such as ergonomics, long battery life, and controls—are often more relevant to daily cleaning.

Now let’s do math together:

For example, if you have a warehouse that is 15000 square feet large, normally it takes 2 hours for one employee to sweep the floor every day, you pay him S15/hour, that’s $30/day, $150/week, $7800/year.

Now suppose you’ve got an electric floor sweeper, which works 6X faster than a traditional broom, it costs $1800, then your employee spends 20 minutes doing the cleaning work, you pay him $5/day for cleaning, that’s $1300/year. 

For the first year with an electric floor sweeper, you spent $1800+$1300=$3100, less than half the labor cost of using a manual broom.

And what’s for the second year? 

Only $1300! What’s more?

That your employee gets more time to focus on your core business. Bravo!

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